Conspiracy Against American Teachers

50% of new teachers leave the field after five years.

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Posted by ATTN: on Monday, September 12, 2016

Think about it. Just when someone is getting the hang of this difficult job, they leave for a different field. All that training, experience, and education gone, deprived from our children.

The way teachers are treated in this country makes me sick. One must wonder if budgets and salaries are choked on purpose.

As someone who teaches college freshman, I can testify that the K-12 education students are receiving is far different from the one I received. It is inferior in scope and curiosity.

From corporate marketing and lobbying to the twisted rhetoric of politics, these disciplines blur our focus and create shallow cultural divisions. With all the lies and manipulation of truth constantly floating past our eyes and into our ears, teachers are needed more than ever.

Teachers teach critical thinking. This blend of the scientific method, historical context, and logic contains unlimited power and efficacy. Blending these takes constant practice and an experienced guide. Critical thinking uses flexibility and creativity of thought.

The best part, we don’t need more B.As., M.As., and Ph.Ds. Critical thinking can be taught in K-12 instead of some bubble wrapped and standardized way of thinking. Furthermore, critical thinking is the only way to combat today’s pervasive fear unique to our historical moment.

As the National Education Associate states, “A recent Teachers College survey found that, on the flip side, investing in education leads to higher individual incomes; higher property value rates; lower crime rates; and lower costs for public health and welfare services.” Aren’t these the things people complain they want? Why hasn’t this information floated to the surface and influenced budgetary and legal decisions?

If you want to chase a real conspiracy against the citizens of this country, forget the nefarious “they” (i.e. government, mass media, Obama, Illuminati, gremlins, aliens, Islam, sheeple, etc.). Look directly at big money in politics to see why one of the most important professions in the world (teaching) is being strangled to death by a supposed 1st world country.

I suggest that teachers and congress swap salaries. I also suggest that corporate lobbyists pay for a teacher’s lunch or fly them to Jackson Hole for a ski vacation. Or, better yet, have them pay off a teacher’s car loan, mortgage, or student loans. According the the Atlantic, ” Corporations now spend about $2.6 billion a year on reported lobbying expenditures.”

It’s not better jobs, patriotism, equality, big government, science, religion, or entitlements that will make your life better; it is an educated society capable of critical thinking.

We are only as good as those who surround us, only as strong as the weakest link.